computer access

Access to the computer gives the disabled individual the ability to perform at work, work from home, communicate with others, use the Internet, operate environmental controls, and many other tasks. Alternative input/output devices and mounting systems adapt to almost any special need. Assistive Technology Resources can provide complete state-of-the-art systems or upgrades to existing systems, including hardware, software, and accessories.

  • Alternative Keyboards
  • Alternative Mice
  • Alternative input/output Devices
  • Computer Systems
  • Hardware and Software
  • Installation
  • Consulting and Training
  • Seating Systems
  • Mounting Systems
  • Equipment Adjustments
  • Augmentative Communication Devices

There are an incredible number of solutions to the challenges faced by disabled people in the workplace. An Assistive Technology Resources rehabilitation engineer can find workable solutions at a reasonable cost. Often working with an occupational therapist, the rehabilitation engineer assesses the worker's abilities and the job's demands, then find ways to bridge the gap between the two.

Changes in the worksite are made as unobtrusive as possible and the site can still be accessible to the rest of the work staff. The disabled worker is always a part of the design team, offering suggestions and feedback, which improves the likelihood of success.

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